The research activities of the INIS project fall within four broad categories. To aid an initial orientation, the 13 research projects have been assigned to these categories based upon their main focus:

  • Integrated concepts for water, wastewater and energy
  • Adaptation and optimization strategies for urban drainage
  • Processes for sustainable wastewater treatment
  • Concepts and systems for a secure water supply.

The independent integration and transfer project INISnet provides the INIS projects and project partners with a framework for discussion, for agreeing upon common approaches and procedures and for synthesizing and communicating research results. The exchange is organized around specific topics of mutual interest which were identified at the joint INIS kickoff meeting. These topics are addressed by cross-project working groups in the context of moderated workshops.

  • Acceptance and communications
  • The water-energy nexus
  • Hygienic parameters & chemical trace substances
  • Institutional framework
  • Multi-criteria evaluation
  • Urban and open-space planning
  • Scenarios and simulation
  • Wastewater stream separation and treatment