nidA200 – Innovative wastewater treatment: Sustainable, innovative and decentralized wastewater treatment systems, including co-treatment of organic waste based on alternative sanitary concepts

The operators of municipal infrastructural systems for water supply and sewage disposal face great challenges due to climate change, rising energy costs and demographic change. The goal of this project is the development of a decentralized pilot-scale wastewater treatment system in preparation for large-scale technological realization in outer suburbs. The core elements include alternative sanitary systems (separation of black water, gray water and urine) and innovative technological components such as specialized sludge washing facilities and mass algae cultures. With this system, a high level of wastewater treatment including the recapture of nutrients can be achieved. A multistage digestion system provides for the generation of additional energy.

Algae mass cultivation Pond; Photo: LimnoTec

The optimization of operation is based upon wastewater laboratory investigations, investigations on pilot plant level, mathematical-dynamic simulations and accompanying microbiological investigations (elimination of pathogenic microorganisms). In the model region, the realization of the concept for development areas will be accompanied along with an assessment of the administrative, socioeconomic and technical framework.


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