EDIT – Development and implementation of a concentration and detection system for the inline monitoring of water-borne pathogens in raw and drinking water

The goal of the EDIT project is the development of a novel system solution for the inline monitoring of waterborne pathogens and its integration into standard water-monitoring systems for the hygienic monitoring of raw water, drinking water, processed wastewater, and surface water bodies. The key innovative technological characteristic is an automated workflow which is achieved by the development and optimal coordination of various system subcomponents for concentration, extraction and detection.

The validation of the overall system is carried out both under controlled test conditions in the lab and in test circuits and in practical application with end-users in the water services sector. The ultimate goal of this work is the development of a functional model, complemented by an investigation of changing climatic, hydrological and societal conditions and their effects on water services and hygiene.

Lab-on-chip-system for pathogen extraction; photo composition: Johannes Otto


Helmholtz-Zentrum für Umweltforschung Department Aquatische Ökosystemanalyse und Management
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Dr. Daniel Karthe
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